If you have more questions, email or call us for quick answers.

Can I trust Test Strips for Money?

Yes. We have been in business for 10+ years.  We have thousands of satisfied customers. We provide a toll-free phone number 888-326-2213, address, and email so if there any problems we can be contacted 24/7. Our office hours are 9-4:30 M-F and we are closed on the weekends and holidays.

Is it legal to sell my diabetic supplies?

Yes, it is.  Any supplies that can be purchased over the counter can be sold.  The only supplies that can not be legally sold are those paid for by Medicaid, Medicare or paid for by a government agency.

How do you make payment?

We pay through business check, PayPal or Zelle.  For payments made through PayPal, you must have an account and PayPal will charge the SELLER a 2.9% fee for using their services.

There are no fees for payments made through Zelle. We do have a $5000 daily limit for payments. If we hit the limit for the day before processing your payment, the payment will be sent the next business day. The limit is set by Zelle, not us. It can not be increased.

Can I remove the pharmacy labels?

NO, please allow us to do this for you.  If you remove them you may damage the box.  We DO NOT purchase damaged boxes.  Do not send them in.

How do I know you will send my payment?

We know there are a lot of companies that promise the world and they don’t deliver.  We are not one of them.  Test Strips for Money is a company of our word.

We have been in business for over 8 years and have over 10,000 happy customers.  We have amazing reviews on TrustPilot, Google and Facebook.

Are your price quotes guaranteed?

Yes, they are, provided the diabetic test strips you sent in expire when you said they would, are undamaged and factory sealed.

We inspect every shipment to ensure it matches the description you provided. We reserve the right to adjust the price paid if there is a difference between the description you provided and what we received.  We do not purchase damaged or open boxes.

Prices quoted are good for 14 days from when the form is filled out or a label is sent.  If they are received after 14 days the price paid will automatically be the current price.

When can I expect payment after you receive my diabetic test strips?

We send out your payment within 1 business days of receipt of your test strips. We can make a payment in by Zelle, PayPal or business check if you don’t specify we will mail you a check. If you want PayPal you have to specify which email address you want payment sent to. Shipment must be received before 11 AM EST to be considered received on that day. If we receive the shipment after 11 AM, the shipment is considered to have received the next business day. We are closed on the weekends and most holidays.

What if I send items that you don't purchase, will you return them?

No, we do NOT return items that we do not purchase.  If you have questions about expiration dates, damage, etc., call us at 888-326-2213 before sending them out. The best practice is not to send in boxes that do not meet our guidelines.  Any boxes sent in that fall outside the scope of what we purchase will be considered a donation.

Payments under $55 are subject to postage being deducted for shipping charges.

How should I ship the diabetic test strips to you?

Read our selling and mailing page to learn how to mail them to us.

What bonuses and coupons are available?

We have multiple bonuses available to our customers.

  • A new customer can get a $10 signup bonus by using the bonus code: NewCustomer10
  • If you send in 10+ boxes we will pay you an additional $10.  We add it in here in the office.
  • If you send in 30+ boxes we will pay you an additional $30

Please see our bonus terms and conditions page for more information.

We will from time to time send out a bonus coupon through an email or social media.  Liking, following and being on our mailing list is the only way to get them.

If you have more questions, email or call us for quick answers.