Test Strips 4 Money Current Bonus Code

To receive the bonuses your minimum payment must meet our minimum payment
amount which is currently $40. Any payments that do not meet this criteria
will not be paid a bonus.


We are offering all New Customers a $10 bonus on their first shipment.


Bonus: $10 bonus on new customers first shipment to us.
Your total payment must be at our minimum of $40 to receive the $10 bonus on your payment.


Bonus Code: 5LOVE

Bonus: 5% bonus on your shipment. LIMITED TIME. Expires 2/28/2017


Bonus Code: 5forOct EXPIRED

Bonus: 5% bonus on your shipment. ONLINE ONLY Expires 10/31/2016

Bonus Code: Bonus10 EXPIRED

Bonus: 10% bonus cash on your shipment ONLINE ONLY!
Terms: Cannot be combined with price matching and bonus is not added to loyalty program.


Bonus Code: JulyBonus EXPIRED

Bonus: 10% extra on total payment

Use: All deliveries received before July 31, 2016 that enter the code on the shipment form or write it on the Payment Form are eligible for 10% bonus FREE cash on their shipment. Example: Shipment payment is $200, your payment will be $220. Can not be combined with loyalty program or Price Matching.

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