Question: When can I expect payment after you receive my diabetic test strips?
We send out your payment within 2 days of receipt of your test strips. We can make a payment in by PayPal or handwritten business check, if you don’t specify we will mail you a check. If you want PayPal you have to specify which email address you want payment sent to.

Question: Are your price quotes guaranteed?
Yes they are, provided the diabetic test strips you sent match what you provided when you requested a quote. We inspect every shipment to ensure it matches the description you provided. We reserve the right to adjust the price paid if there is a difference in the description you provided and what we received Any damage will reduce the price paid per box.

Question: How do I know you will send my payment?
If you send us the test strips and we don’t submit payment to you it is considered mail fraud and it is against the law. We always pay!

Question: Can I trust you?
Yes. We are here for the long term and are honest and professional. We provide our toll free phone number 800-479-2260, address and email so if there any problems we can be contacted 24/7.

Question: What if I sent items that I didn’t want to sell, will you return them?
We will return items that are damaged, expired, or you request them back. There is a $20 processing fee for this though. You must notify us within 1 day of us receiving your shipment, other wise we will dispose of them.

Question: How should I ship the diabetic test strips to you?
Read our selling and mailing page to learn how to mail them to us.

If you have more questions, email or call us for quick answers.