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Welcome to Test Strips 4 Money, we are the trusted company to get cash for test strips. We offer fast payment (1 business day), top dollar (up to $220 per box*), and free shipping! We also offer a convenient toll-free number for your orders and information 888-326-2213 along with friendly service. *with bonuses.  We pay quick cash for diabetic test strips!  Ready to start selling? Then give us a call or fill out our Quick Quote Form and get your money quickly!

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Fill out our Quick Quote Form or select a FREE mailing kit or receive label right away


Print your free shipping label and attached it to a sturdy box.  Drop off your shipment at the nearest post office and in 2-5 days we should receive it.


We will inspect your shipment and send payment within 1 business day of receiving your shipment, PERIOD! That’s our promise to you.


We have been in business for over 9 years, our expertise and knowledge make the process run smoothly and quickly.  Just a few benefits you receive when selling your diabetic strips to Test Strips for Money:

  • 1 Business Day Payment Promise
  • We Pay All Shipping Charges
  • Earn Free Bonuses UP to $40
  • Ability to Print Label Instantaneously
  • Up to $230 per Box
  • Trustworthy and Honest
  • 3 Minute payments to your bank account (Zelle)
  • Talk Directly to our Office

Why Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips?

If you have diabetes and have extra test strips, you can put them to good use by selling us your overstocked supplies. Test Strips for Money has been doing business for over 10+ years, providing diabetics with quick cash for selling diabetic supplies. Test Strips for Money gives diabetic folks a legal way to make some extra income.  Join the over 15,000 happy customers that have sold to us

The Benefits Are All Around

Who buys diabetic test strips? Tens of millions of Americans are afflicted with Type 1 and Type 2
diabetes and the vast majority buy test strips to monitor their blood sugar, oftentimes needing to check
their condition multiple times a day. Those who are insured pay a minimal amount for the strips, but
those without health insurance pay a much much higher price. An efficient online marketplace has
grown up to resolve that disparity, providing the insured a place to sell diabetic test strips for cash and
the uninsured access to affordable diabetic supplies. Both sides win. Sellers can feel confident that they
are benefiting others and putting extra test strips to good use while buyers can get the supplies they

Earn Up to $220 Dollars Per Box

Free up some storage space and get cash for diabetic supplies from Test Strips 4 Money. You can make up to $220 dollars for each box of extra diabetic supplies and receive a payment within 1 business day. If you choose Zelle for your payment we can deposit the payment into your account within 3 minutes of processing your shipment. THE FASTEST PAYMENT AVAILABLE! You won’t even have to worry about shipping charges – we take care of everything, so all you have to do is print the label and mail in your diabetic supplies.

You Can Even Earn Bonuses!

New partners get amazing bonuses when first starting out with our company. Each shipment is free, so
you don’t have to worry about any fees along with your bonus cash. For each shipment that you send
containing 10 or more boxes of test strips, you get an automatic bonus added to your payment. You
don’t have to do anything else – just send in your supplies and wait for the cash. Everything is quick and
easy. Rely on Test Strips 4 Money to be a dependable source of bonus cash for diabetics.

A Trusted & Honest Company

Don’t sell test strips to just anyone – do business with a legitimate business that you can depend on. Our
process is simple and fast, making it easy to get quick cash for any test strips you have. If you have
questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to walk you through the process and make sure that you have
everything you need to sell your diabetic test strips for cash.

Bonus cash when selling your diabetic test strips:

  • $10 for new customers by entering “NEWCUSTOMER10″*
  • $10 Bonus for shipments containing 10+ boxes or test strips only (Automatic)*
  • $30 Bonus for shipments containing 30+ boxes of test strips only(Automatic)*

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Our Goal:

Is to provide top-tier service with the top tier pricing.  We want every part of the process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We want your continued business.  Providing outstanding service, up to $230 per box, and quick payments is how we will get it.

To sell your diabetic test strips for cash, contact our offices at 1-888-326-2213.