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We here at Test Strips 4 Money value you and your privacy. We never give away, sell, disclose any of your information to anyone, EVER!

We have had some questions about labels that are attached to the boxes that our sellers send in. What do we do with them?

Before sending in your shipment to us we ask that you cross out any personal information with a black felt tip marker. This is an additional layer of protection for you and your personal information. We don’t need, nor do we use any of this information.

Once we receive your shipment and after we have sent you payment for your boxes we process your boxes. We have a way to remove your label without damaging the boxes. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE LABEL YOURSELF. If you remove it yourself you may damage the box and this would reduce the value of your shipment.

What do we do with the label after removal? WE SHRED IT WITH A CROSS CUT SHREDDER. A cross cut shredder completely destroys the label so no information of it can be read.

After all of these steps are complete your information and privacy has been secured and protected.

We hope that this will alleviate your concerns about privacy and that you are now ready to get cash for diabetic test strips. If you are click here to start selling your extra supplies to us.

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