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We have some great news for everyone. If you are a member of our mailing list you should be receiving a special “Promo Bonus” in the next day. If not you have a few hours to sign up, trust me it will be “$$ Worth $$” it to you.

So what is the other “Great News?” We have a loyalty program!! This means the more you send in the more you make. You can read more about it at Test Strips 4 Money’s Loyalty Program. You can make up to $50 per tier!

What else? We have instituted a referral program also. This is just another way for us reward our customers who think we are doing a good job and recommend us to their friends. Take a look are our Refer-a-friend page for more information and to claim your referral bonus.

We have also also changed the form you have to fill out when selling your test strips. Take a look to the right and see how easy is it to use. Just pick what you want to sell and fill out your information and get paid, it’s that simple.

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We here at Test Strips 4 Money value you and your privacy. We never give away, sell, disclose any of your information to anyone, EVER!

We have had some questions about labels that are attached to the boxes that our sellers send in. What do we do with them?

Before sending in your shipment to us we ask that you cross out any personal information with a black felt tip marker. This is an additional layer of protection for you and your personal information. We don’t need, nor do we use any of this information.

Once we receive your shipment and after we have sent you payment for your boxes we process your boxes. We have a way to remove your label without damaging the boxes. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE LABEL YOURSELF. If you remove it yourself you may damage the box and this would reduce the value of your shipment.

What do we do with the label after removal? WE SHRED IT WITH A CROSS CUT SHREDDER. A cross cut shredder completely destroys the label so no information of it can be read.

After all of these steps are complete your information and privacy has been secured and protected.

We hope that this will alleviate your concerns about privacy and that you are now ready to get cash for diabetic test strips. If you are click here to start selling your extra supplies to us.

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We have some exciting news for everyone who requests payment through business check, we now send them USPS PRIORITY MAIL!!

Instead of waiting 5-7 days for payment through regular mail, any payment above $100 will be sent Priority Mail. That means you will get your money even quicker! Priority Mail usually takes 1-3 days so you can possibly get your payment 4-6 days earlier than before.

This is a big thanks to our sellers who keep coming back and to new ones that want their money QUICK!!

PayPal payments will still be sent as usual, within 24 hours but usually same day.

ultra quick payment

Priority Mail Payment

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Right here at Test Strips 4 Money!

We know that it can be hard to find a trust worthy company to sell diabetic test strips to but we are here to put your fears to rest. We have been buying test strips for a long time and will continue to buy them for the long term. We have never not paid anyone and we have always offered the highest paid outs of anyone.

Don’t waste your extra test strips by throwing them out or letting them expire. There are many people that can’t afford them and desperately need them. We make the diabetic supplies available to the uninsured at reduced prices.

We hope your interested in selling us your extra test strips and if you are you can go to test strips quotes page and click on what you are ready to sell. We pay cash for test strips and look forward to working with you soon.

Recycle Test Strips